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We have listed a few architectural styles here for all of our clients to consider. These are just a few that we like to show our customers to help them find the type of home that interests them. There are many, many more available to view. We can build from stock plans, architects plans from clients, or design one in house for your needs.

Farmhouse Home Series By Gateway...

Time to take a stroll out to the farm. Hot new designs combining attractive appearances with functional open floor plans.

      Gateway's Farmhouse and Modern Farmhouse designs offers some of today's most popular plans.

The design style, a modern twist on the classic American farmhouse, takes the clean lines of contemporary design and accents them with industrial finishes, all while giving a nod to what is considered today's country home.

Southern Home Series By Gateway...

Timeless Designs, Superior Craftsmanship, Endless Possibilities

      Gateway's Southern line of homes offers stunning classic home designs while maintaining a bevy of options and amenities featured in today's current layouts. Our Southern series delivers spectacular homes that fit our area; explore the exceptional design in our home plans.

Elite Home Series By Gateway...

Stunning By Design, Perfection In Every Detail​

      Gateway's Elite line showcases timeless homes, accommodating your every need and fulfilling all your wildest dreams.  The Elite line offers the best of both worlds, offering first-class home selections with an Eastern Shore feel.  View your new Elite home by Gateway Builders today.

Coastal Home Series By Gateway...

Take a journey ... to the beautiful waterways of the Eastern Shore. Tremendous Plans that invite you to live by the water and enjoy life at the beach.

The Coastal Series offers homes with one thing in mind.... the water.  Homes with amazing layouts and fine details into that that one of a kind home for a getaway. 
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